GTJ Podcast #1: The Evolution of Mistakes

The first installment of the GTJ podcast series focuses on two main aspects. First, we introduce our two authors Carolyne Barry and Kevin E. West. We want you to get a sense of who they are, how they came to be a team, and the evolution of this CD product… as a project. The first subject our two esteemed authors cover relate to the common mistakes that actors make upon arriving in Los Angeles. One of the great aspects of this podcast is that these can also tend to be common mistakes made in any city, by any actor.


5 Responses to “GTJ Podcast #1: The Evolution of Mistakes”

  1. barry Says:


    respect for your notice!!!……

  2. Kevin E. West Says:

    Many thanks Barry. The product has been around for some time, but we’re just now getting our Blog and Podcast rolling. Pass the good word. Kevin E.

  3. Stacey Storey Says:

    These are great! Please keep them coming! You both sound so very professional and articulate. Way to go!

  4. Kevin E. West Says:

    Hey Girl…
    Glad to see you listening. I hope you well, and hope to see your beautiful self soon.
    Kevin E.

  5. Margo Danielle Says:

    Thank you, Kevin and Carolyne for sharing your insights and expertise. I look forward to meeting you both when I am in L.A. this summer.

    Margo Danielle

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