CD Breakdown

The Actor’s Guide to GETTING THE JOB is chock full of information which will help you as an actor to book more work. You will be more confident for auditions, be able to constructively reflect on auditions you’ve just done, and make the adjustments necessary to book, book, book!

Track Listing

Take a look at the CD breakdown below to get an idea of what a great resource GETTING THE JOB is:

Disk 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Your way of thinking
  3. The Actor’s Code of Responsibility
  4. Actor’s Challenge / Competition
  5. Pictures
  6. Birth of Commercial Auditions
  7. Commercial Audition Preparation.
  8. Birth of Theatrical Auditions
  9. Theatrical Audition Preparation
  10. Business Tips – Industry Pros
  11. Wrap-Up / Preview
Disk 2

  1. Getting Auditions
  2. Audition Scenarios
  3. Commercial Audition Techniques
  4. Theatrical Audition Techniques
  5. En Route to an Interview
  6. Audition Tips – Industry Pros
  7. Audition Send-off
  8. Pre-Audition Coaching
  9. Post-Audition Release
  10. Post-Audition Reminders
  11. Tips / Finale

The above topics are each explored in more detail. The bullets below can give you a sense of the tools GETTING THE JOB uses to empower you to get a hold of your career.

Tips for Getting Auditions

  • Be a well trained actor.
  • Maintain current actor marketing materials.
  • Be prepared for your auditions.
  • Have goals and a career strategy.
  • Lead a full life.

The Actor’s Code of Responsibility

  • Self-Marketing.
  • Visit your representatives office periodically.
  • Read entertaiment business trade papers.
  • Network.
  • Audition for everything.
  • Always be reachable.
  • Do great auditions.
Featured Industry Professionals

This disk contains advice and anecdotes from some of the industry’s most experienced and influential casting professionals. There is little more valuable than getting advice directly from the source. GETTING THE JOB features:

Mike Jacobs, Jr.

Fonda St. Paul

Malcolm Cassell
Abigail Girvin
Karey Kayser
Hugh Leon
Todd Justice
David Ziff

Terry Berland
Billy DaMota
Peter Doyle
Lonnie Hamerman
Jeff Hardwick
Melissa Martin
Shancy Pierce
Michael Sanford
Mark Tillman
Jerry Whitworth